Enjoy Delicious Tacos in Halifax

Tacos are versatile and flexible and are available in several ingredient combinations. This dish originated in Mexico but has become popular all over the world, especially in recent years. Unfortunately, many versions of this dish don’t retain the Mexican flair and are a bland imitation of the real thing. At Lemon Dogs, we provide Halifax tacos with original, mouthwatering toppings.

Flavors of road-side taquerias in Mexico 

We want to bring the taste of Mexico to Halifax. All tacos are made from original techniques and unique flavor combinations. We have been to Mexico and experienced the flavors first hand, which encourages us to deliver the same experience to our customers here. Every taco is carefully prepared and fillings are made with fresh ingredients.

Local ingredients

We use fresh local ingredients wherever we can. Meat is sourced from reliable local producers so it is of good quality. Our salsa is made from either local peppers or brought from Mexico on our annual travels. All salsa is handmade every day, which ensures your tacos are vibrant and fresh in flavor.

Different combinations

Customers can choose from a wide range of options. We have beef, pork, and chicken tacos. We offer several delicious vegan options as well so there’s something for everyone! Our recipes are carefully prepared so they can appeal to people with different preferences.

Gluten-free tortillas

Many of our clients are sensitive to gluten or would prefer to not consume it. Our tortillas are handmade from naturally gluten-free flour. We source the flour from reliable manufacturers to ensure there’s no cross-contamination during processing. You can enjoy your Halifax tacos without worrying about having a reaction to gluten.

If you want delicious and fresh Halifax tacos, visit us at Lemon Dogs they! You wont be disappointed.